gold powder coated gun

6 Cool Examples of Powder Coated Guns/Firearms

Today, one of the best alternatives to wet paint is powder coating. This is equally effective in applying color in automotive and other metal parts like firearms and guns.

How Powder Coating Works

The process of powder coating  makes use of layers of specially treated pigments that come in a form of a dry powder. This powder is applied to the surface of any material that must be colored and then, heat is applied to the surface. Due to an increase in temperature, chemical reaction takes place and the powder melts. After some time, it re-hardens, creating a solid surface and taking the shape and contours of the object to which the powder is applied. Learn More about powder coating options

Examples of Powder Coated Guns

Do you wish to see what powder coating can do to your firearms? Well, here are some great examples:

1.)    Red Revolver Accents

red powder coated guns

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This black and red color combination for revolvers and pistols is just the perfect combination.

2.) Black and Gold  MP9

gold powder coated gun

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A black and gold hand-gun is always going to be cool and sleek. Warning: You will feel like James Bond when you draw this. Please remember you do not have a license to kill.

3.) Red & Grey Accents AR 15

red powder coated ar15

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If you are getting tired of the same finish, then it is time to tweak it a little. Give it some nice accent colors.

4.)    Black Accented 1911

powder coat 1911
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Nothing beats the charm of a dark accented gun.

For The Ladies

5.)    Tiffany Blue Handguns

blue powder coated guns
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What would women want more than a colored Jewelry? A Tiffany-inspired firearm might just be the answer!

6.)    Pink Camouflage Powder coated Pistols

Men like women who know how to handle a gun. But what is it that women like? A pink camouflage gun, what else?