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Powder Coated Sculpture Blue

Powder Coated Art & Sculptures

Steel and aluminum can be used to make amazing art pieces. Add in the numerous possibilities of powder coating and you can have almost any sculpture or art piece made that you can imagine. At Steel Partners, we have the capability to not only create the steel or aluminum art piece, but also to powder

12 Feb 2015
Powder Coated Stove Top

Some of the Most Pinned “Powder Coating” Projects

As a powder coating professional I like to stay updated on some of the cool things other are doing. Recently I hopped on Pinterest and searched the term “Powder Coating”. Below are 8 cool things I found that are getting lots of shares or, as Pinterest calls them, Pins. If you found anything out there

29 Jan 2015
Powder Coating


Powder coating is applied using clean electrostatic powder coating process and comes in the form of microscopic particles. Wet spray uses a spraying action to coat the material you want to paint. Compared to wet spray, powder coating is environment friendly since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Also, powder coating dries faster than wet spray.

26 Nov 2014
gold powder coated gun

6 Cool Examples of Powder Coated Guns/Firearms

Today, one of the best alternatives to wet paint is powder coating. This is equally effective in applying color in automotive and other metal parts like firearms and guns. How Powder Coating Works The process of powder coating  makes use of layers of specially treated pigments that come in a form of a dry powder.

23 Sep 2014
Custom Powder Coated Rims

Color Inspiration for Custom Car Rims

Nowadays, cars have become an extension of a person’s style and personality. Just by looking at their vehicle, you can easily determine what their personalities are. This is all thanks to the different types of custom car detailing options that we have today. Custom color rims have become really popular today due to the fact

23 Sep 2014