Chromex ™ Ceramic Coating Las Vegas

We Offer Professional Chromex Coating Services

Ceramics have becoming one of the leading thermal coatings for chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, enhancing appearance, and adding lasting endurance to exhaust systems, engines, valves and many other surfaces. Steel Partners offers what is becoming the most popular ceramic coating, Chromex. It’s popularity comes from its very striking appearance and resilient surface. When a ceramic coating is combined with metallic fritz, it is able to withstand temperatures that exceed 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a hard protective coating that extends the life of your product and leaves an attractive high luster, chrome-like finish that will not rust and will continue to withstand high heats.

Chromex is an especially good coating for aluminum parts and has proved to actually strengthen the coated part. Because of its ability to resist flaking and cracking, our ceramic coating will add years to the life your engine, bracket, grill, suspension part, exhaust systems, and more. Ceramic coatings will also provide protection from salt spray corrosion while keeping out potentially damaging heat and moisture.

Chromex can be applied to a number of different surfaces and metals that can withstand 500 degree temperatures. It is also available in various colors and unlike chrome finishes, the color won’t discolor over time. With a polish applied, the surface will become highly reflective.

If you have any other questions or want to know more details about Chromex ceramic coatings, give the experts at Steel Partners a call!