Powder Coating


Powder coating is applied using clean electrostatic powder coating process and comes in the form of microscopic particles. Wet spray uses a spraying action to coat the material you want to paint. Compared to wet spray, powder coating is environment friendly since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Also, powder coating dries faster than wet spray. The material to be painted is given the opposite charge of the powder to be used and this material is naturally drawn to the object. The use of powder coating is also more advantageous since one should use just a small amount of powder to uniformly paint the material.

Versatility and Durability

Powder coating has proven to be durable and creates a uniform finish. It is excellent when it comes to resisting damage from heat, stains, abrasions, impact, extreme weather and UV rays.

Plus, we have several colors and textures to choose from.

How Does The Powder Stick?

Five step pre-treatment washer is the first way to make the powder stick. This includes removing dirt or anything that may cause the powder not to stick.

When the parts are finally cleaned and have been dried thoroughly, they will be moved to another room where they will be painted. Electrostatic process is used to paint the material.

Baking the Parts

After the process of coating the parts with powder, it is then baked on a specific temperature that will melt and form a plastic coating on the area which causes it to bond with the part.

We pay attention to every detail to prevent mistakes. Our oven’s temperature is constantly regulated to work effectively perform its task.

The Cost of Powders

The prices of the powders depend on the color and the availability of it. Texture and luminescence is another factor that is considered when pricing.

Is It Possible To Powder Coat Old Materials?

It is possible to still paint these kind of materials unless there is an extensive buildup of paint that won’t make the process possible.

Why Choose Powder Coat over Wet Spray

There is no doubt that powder coat makes a superior outcome compared to wet spray. It is far more affordable than wet spray, too.

This product also yields far durable results unlike wet spray that chips over time. Powder coat has no hazardous chemicals and is environment friendly compared to the wet spray.

It takes you a shorter period of time to dry materials that are powder coated. The finish product is simply amazing and you may choose from a wide range of color and texture for your material.

Do You Have Warranty?

We give warranties though it depends on the case. If the parts that you rejected have something to do with the paint then we are glad to repaint it. If the parts are chipped, damaged or scratched then we will replace them at our expense. We will however charge if you will return them to us after a couple of months for repainting.