Powder Coated Sculpture Blue

Powder Coated Art & Sculptures

Steel and aluminum can be used to make amazing art pieces. Add in the numerous possibilities of powder coating and you can have almost any sculpture or art piece made that you can imagine. At Steel Partners, we have the capability to not only create the steel or aluminum art piece, but also to powder coat any size or shape of metal.

Powder Coated Sculpture Yellow

Powder Coated Sculpture Orange

Powder coated sculptures are the perfect centerpiece or accent for a business or commercial courtyard, entrance, or reception area. These pieces can really draw people in and leave them with a lasting impression of your business or property. A spectacular art piece can make a statement about what your business does and can introduce them to your style. It is truly a fun, energetic investment.

Powder Coated Sculpture 2

Shopping centers, parks, business centers and museums are some of the places that we often get to see bright and colorful abstract sculptures and oversized interactive art pieces, like the attention-grabbing yellow chair shown below.

Powder Coated Sculpture Chair

Powder Coated Leaves

Powder coated art pieces are not just for commercial spaces, but can really make a statement in a residence, placed either indoors or outdoors. Think of a custom made, sculptural piece of furniture or statue placed in your entry way to welcome in your guests. This is the perfect way to display your tastes and style in a sophisticated or eccentric way. Art pieces can be done to hang on a wall, placed on a stand or piece of furniture, or even extend down from the ceiling. In an outdoor area, colorful metal sculptures and art pieces stand out beautifully against natural textures and colors.

Powder Coated Tables


Powder coating can be done in neutrals, bright or deep solid colors, or a combination of colors fading and blending together on one structure to create something truly unforgettable. Steel Partners offers textures and veining in addition to the numerous colors available. And the best part is, your piece will be made specifically how you image it: one of a kind!