Custom Powder Coated Rims

Color Inspiration for Custom Car Rims

Nowadays, cars have become an extension of a person’s style and personality. Just by looking at their vehicle, you can easily determine what their personalities are. This is all thanks to the different types of custom car detailing options that we have today.

Custom color rims have become really popular today due to the fact that powder coating technology has become more affordable. Custom wheel manufacturers offer all types of wheels– alloy, aluminum and chrome in a wide array of colors. Here are some color ideas for custom car rim projects. If you live in Las Vegas and are interested in getting your car rims professionally coated, give a call and we’ll give you a free estimate today! 702-222-4707

1.) Yellow and Rose Gold Colored Wheels

Custom Powder Coated Rims

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Men would surely disregard the color gold for their rims, especially those people who wish to avoid anything flashy. However, you should understand the fact that when done right, this colored rim can actually make your car look neat. If you are looking for something classic yet attention catching, this car rim color mights just be the perfect choice for you.

2.) Black matte finish

Powder Coated Rims Las Vegas


Let’s face it. Black is still the new black and there is nothing more sleek than this black on black combination. It looks professional, playful and really masculine– just the qualities that women would surely love!

3.) Sunset Orange Colored Wheels

Powder Coating your rims

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Who might have thought that a bright orange color can be perfect for a car? This may certainly not be your first choice but once you saw this photo, you will surely change your mind. This color scheme may work well only with an equally bright colored car or a black car.

4.) Red Rims

red powder coated car rims

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Of course, a run down of colored rims will not be complete without showing red colored wheels. This colored wheel is perfect for both men and women. The bright red color is a classic color for women. Place it on wheels and you’ve got masculinity written all over it.

5) Neon Pink Wheels

neon pink powder coated car rims

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Now, here’s a color that is perfect for the ladies. A lot of people shy away from using too bright colors on their wheels but this picture will certainly make them change their mind. The details of this wheel rim certainly adds a classic punch to the vehicle.