Powder Coating Finishes


Powder coating is widely used nowadays as the most common home finish. This product was originally intended as an environmental-friendly method of painting that uses electrostatic powder coating. This is the recommended paint finish available in the market.


We at Steel Partners provide different type of powder coating in different variations of color and texture. You may choose between flat, high gloss and semi-gloss, which is the most common powder coating. Our coating finishes effectively hide little manufacturing imperfection which makes this product all the more fascinating for customers. The textured products we provide make it easier for your fingers to grip it.

Our powder coating finishes come in an endless array of colors with a wide range of glosses and textures to suit your taste. The most common colors used in finishes are always available whether in our provider’s warehouse or here in our store. You may also customize the color and texture to stand out from your competitors. This requires working with our staff to see which of our products will best fit your need.


Also, we combine different types of powder coatings that contain other chemicals to create a mixture that can be used for other products. It is best for products that are exposed to the sun or other light containing UV radiation for too long. Polyester is used since it has excellent UV resistance properties. If you need a proven powder coating that has excellent corrosion resistance on either chemicals or oils then our epoxies are just what you need. We also have hybrids of our products to keep up with whatever requirements you have though, due to some factors, they may lessen the ability of both areas.

We know that you might want certain properties on the coating finish you want, so we can suggest the right products. If your product needs excellent UV resistance and is provides good corrosion protection, hardness and resistant to chemicals then the polyester coating finish is best for your product. If you want hardness, corrosion protection and coating that is resistant to chemicals, you may want to choose the epoxy. Our staff are here to help you decide what’s best for your product or project.


Powder coating finishes are designed to improve the edge coverage and the thickness of the product you apply it with, to block external static and non-static electricity through the coating and to maximize the flexibility of the product.

We at Steel Partners know that you’ll need different types of powder coating finish which is the reason why we keep looking for ways to improve our products and deliver the best powder coating that will suit the products you will used it on. Whatever kind of powder coating finish you need, we’ve got it.